Kathryn Crask, Presentation Seminar

Kathryn Crask is a distinguished California music educator, recently retired after 30 years of teaching in both the public and private sector. Under her leadership as a string specialist for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, orchestra flourished, with over 700 students participating in string orchestras in the secondary schools.

She is a highly sought-after conductor, clinician, coach, and adjudicator throughout Southern California. In 2009, she was recognized by the California State Legislature as an outstanding California secondary instrumental music teacher, and was chosen as the 2010 Southern California Teacher of the Year by the American String Teacher’s Association.  A graduate of the University of Kansas, Kathryn received degrees in both music theory and music education, and has a master’s degree in education of gifted and talented students.

What is Presentation Seminar?

The way we present ourselves to audiences, both on and offstage, is an equally vital part of a long and successful career. At Center Stage, we've often referred to this as being a Complete Musician.  Speaking to an audience and growing as an engaging performer is a part of of your curriculum. While it is designed to NOT interfere with your ability to practice and still focus on your art form here at CSS, it is incredibly important to be able to present yourself to colleagues, donors, employers, mentors and audiences both effectively and professionally. Some of our students who have already dipped their toes into the professional world understand that on a very real level and have said that this aspect of CSS is one of the highlights from the summer.  It's never too early or too young to learn these skills